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We Help Retailers and Issuers Grow Credit Programs

Unlock the Potential of Your
Co-Brand or Private Label
Credit Card Portfolio


Solving Complex Business Challenges For Retailers

Do You Ever Ask "How Do I...

  • Reduce Customer Attrition?

  • Lower My Cost of Sales?

  • Drive Higher Sales and Acquisitions?

  • Turn my Credit Card Program from a Cost Center into a Profit Center?

  • Increase Credit Share?

  • Leverage Customer Data to Increase Loyalty & Engagement?


How Do We Help Our Retail Clients?

Customer Insights & Segmentation

Customer Lifecycle & Loyalty Analytics

Attrition Reduction

Customer 360º Views

Who We Are

RCA has over 40 years of combined experience in the Retail Credit and Payments Industry, leading large cross-functional teams with global footprints, delivering $250MM+ in incremental sales through Retail Analytics.



Chief Strategy Officer

& Co-Founder

PHIL .png


Chief Financial Officer

& Co-Founder


Michael O., CEO

Wale & Phil’s deep experience telling a compelling story is what makes them unique. Extreme analytics capability and craftsman ability and very precise in their recommendations. We are extremely happy with the work they have done bringing our story to life. We will engage them again and recommend them very strongly!

Mike M., EVP Partnerships

There are very few experts like RCA that truly get all aspects of the Co-brand/PLCC equation:

Merchants + Issuers + Consumers + Networks.

This is critical for decision-making in today's competitive cobrand and commerce landscape.


Let Us Help

We Can Help You Navigate the Ever-Changing World of How Retailers Deliver Credit Products to Loyal Customers

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